Dannii Minogue had to rethink her wardrobe after getting her cut short.

The Australian beauty chopped off her long tresses a couple of years ago and says she had to get rid of many outfits because they no longer suited her.

She said: "When I had my hair cut into its Louise Brooks-style bob, I found many of the clothes in my wardrobe no longer suited my look - but that didn't make it any easier to edit them down. So, I turned to a professional to help me review my wardrobe, even though I felt sick as my 'personal wardrobe stylist' shucked arm-loads of garments from my rails.

"She helped to break the irrational bonds I felt with pieces that had been languishing, unworn, for years, and now I don't even think about them (much!)"

However, Dannii says there are some things she can't bear to throw away.

She said: "There are some pieces you just have to hang on to, even when you haven't worn them in a while. I find this with is particularly the case with jewellery and accessories. I go through phases with silver, gold and other metals, but while my tastes fluctuate, I'll rarely discard a piece."