Dannii Minogue says people get ''confused'' between her and her sister Kylie.

The fashion designer has admitted some of the public still struggle to tell the difference between the two famous siblings when they see them ''in real life''.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''People get us confused all the time. I think when people see us together in real life they can't believe how similar we look.

''We want to the BRITs together last month and everyone kept staring. They'd look at one of us and then back to the other. No-one knew what so say.''

She thinks it works both ways, but she's ''never asked'' the 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker if people mistake her for Dannii.

She added: ''I imagine she gets people thinking she's me too, but I've never asked her.''

Meanwhile, Dannii recently admitted she has a worm farm because she ''can't take care'' of any other pets due to her hectic career.

She said: ''You're exposing stuff that you're into that people don't know. I was telling Reggie [Yates] earlier that I have worms.

''I have a worm farm. Other pets I can't take care of because I'm travelling between London and Melbourne.''