Dannii Minogue is a huge fan of Rachel Zoe.

The singer-turned-fashion designer says she really admires the celebrity stylist because she always manages to look good, no matter what she's doing.

She said: ''Stylist Rachel Zoe has the most exciting mix of vintage and fresh-from-the-catwalk pieces in her wardrobe. I've learned such a lot about fashion history, designers and preparing for shoots from her TV show. She;s a delicate thing, but so powerful - calling the shots and creating this monster brand. Plus, any woman who wears over-the-knee black Suede platform boots on a beach while styling a shoot has my heart.''

As well as Rachel, Dannii is also a fan of sister Kylie's style - especially her taste in shoes.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: ''If I was going to steal something from Kylie, it would have to be her shoes. She has the most amazing - not to mention extensive - collection, and somehow gets her hands on very special pairs before they hit the mainstream. Her collection is the source of serious shoe envy.''