Danielle Spencer's father is ''sad'' she and Russell Crowe have separated.

The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant and the 'Gladiator' actor announced their nine-year marriage was over on Monday (14.10.12) and her father has now expressed his disappointment at the situation.

Don Spencer, a former children's TV show presenter, told WHO magazine: ''I love them both and am naturally sad as any father would be in this situation.''

The couple were said to be living in separate homes in Australia for the past year whenever the Hollywood actor was in the country.

Danielle's friends have also spoken out about her marital break-up and were quick to blame Russell for prioritising his career over his wife and their two children, Charles, eight, and Tennyson, six.

A friend told the MailOnline: ''Danielle is a very 'giving' person and has been very supportive of Russell over the years. She's raised his children pretty much single-handedly while giving Russell the chance to get on with his sparkling career.

''But a showbusiness marriage should still be a two-way street and he has been less behind her career than she has been behind his. She's had to struggle on with the children, keep up her songwriting and singing while he's been able to do his own thing in the US.''

Russell's hectic filming schedule is thought to have contributed to the couple's problems.

The actor - who will appear in six movies next year - is currently shooting Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic 'Noah' in New York.

Danielle is said to be expecting a payout of at least $25 million.