Danielle Lloyd is ''terrified'' she is going to develop the same ''excruciating'' condition her mother has.

The 34-year-old model's mum Jackie has had hereditary condition Fibromyalgia - which causes pain all over the body and can increase sensitivity to pain - since 2007, and the mother-of-four is ''scared'' she will contract it too because she is ''so similar'' to her mother.

She said: ''Mum lives with excruciating pain which means she struggles to get out of bed. Being touched can often feel like being hit with a hammer. I am terrified every day that I am going to develop it too.

''Fibromyalgia is hereditary and I am scared I will get it too because we're so similar. She also has high cholesterol and a blocked artery so I am going to get tested to see if I have the same gene. I try not to worry but sometimes you can't stop.''

Danielle admits she ''regrets'' appearing on reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007 ''every day'' because that is when her mother first developed the long-term condition.

She said: ''Fibromyalgia is triggered by intense stress and she first started to get it when I was in 'Celebrity Big Brother' back in 2007. It was a horrible and nasty time and one I regret every day.

''It was a difficult experience and the fact that we have such a close bond meant that she suffered more than me. We both found it hard that I'd suddenly been thrust into the limelight. She blamed herself.

''It has got so much worse over the years and leaving the house is hard now.''

Danielle - who has four kids, Archie, eight, Harry, six, and George, three, with footballer Jamie O'Hara, and Ronnie, six months, with new fiancé, Michael O'Neill - counts her mum as her ''rock'' and always turns to her for advice.

The brunette beauty - who has also dated current footballer Jermain Defoe and retired star Teddy Sheringham - added to the Daily Star newspaper: ''Mum and I are like best friends, she's my rock, so she always likes to give me advice.

''She is the first person I speak to when I need someone and she's always been there for me. She did once tell me to stop dating footballers because it never worked out.''