Danielle Lloyd has admitted she's in talks to do a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

The 33-year-old mum-of-three - to Archie, seven, Harry, six and George, two - is preparing to her first child with fiancé and Michael O'Neill any time soon and has been approached to chronicle her parenting adventures on screen, though she's not so sure she'd be very entertaining to watch.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Danielle said: ''I have been asked but I'm not really sure how it would work - obviously Michael is quite a private person so although the kids are quite interesting and funny, I don't think I'm that good.''

Instead the brunette beauty suggested that her kids have their own show instead.

She said: ''They [the kids] need their own programme. They are so excited about having another little brother, they keep asking me when's the baby going to come out. I'm not due for another couple of weeks but I've never gone over 37 and a half weeks so I'm expecting him any day now.''

While the baby may be Michael's first, Danielle - who had her three older sons with ex-husband Jamie O'Hara - insists he isn't particularly nervous because he's ready to be a hands on dad, and they'll also be getting lots of support from the boys.

She explained: ''It's Michael's first, he's taking everything in his stride, he's already a good step-dad to the boys and George was only a baby when I met Michael so he's used to it.

''He used to change George's so he's used to that but a newborn baby's nappy are a lot different, so I've warned him.

''Archie says he's going to do the nappies and Harry says he's going to do the bottles so I've got plenty of help. Michael will definitely be hands on 100 per cent.''

Keen to have her baby arrive and get her pre-pregnancy body back, Danielle has been having a herbal tea that is supposed to help induce labour.

She said: ''I'm drinking my raspberry leaf tea as we speak - I think [it's working] but as long as he's here safe I don't mind when he comes.

''I'm just getting to that stage now where I'm a little bit fed up I want my body back and to feel like I'm not walking like a granny and going to the toilet every five minutes.''

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