Danielle Lloyd was hospitalised after doctors discovered a blood clot during a breast operation earlier this week.

The 28-year-old TV personality - who is engaged to footballer Jamie O'Hara, with who she has children Archie, 18 months and six-month-old Harry - had to undergo a transfusion following the Discovery, but is doing well after the operation yesterday (09.02.12).

In a series of tweets, Danielle said: "Thanks 4 ur support had a scheduled breast op but Dr's found a blood clot & I lost lots of blood so now having a transfusion am in good hand.

"& I will hopefully be home to my family tomorrow scary times love my family so much Xxx(sic)"

Danielle has also hit out at people who claimed she was "selfish" for having a boob job, adding she was close to death and it would not have been discovered if she had not had the operation.

She added: "Also people might think am selfish 4 wanting a boob job but if I didn't have an op they wouldn't have found the clot & I could of died!

"I couldn't have the op & my implants removed as it was 2 Dangerous so now I have 2 hope I get better 2 have them replaced before my wedding(sic)"