Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury has blasted the Vatican for banning her from performing at the Holy State's annual Christmas concert, after they claimed she vowed to promote condoms during the gig.

Vatican priests announced they were excluding Mercury from the line-up of the Christmas Eve (24DEC05) concert last week (ends02DEC05), because they were vehemently against the promotion of condoms to fight the HIV virus and AIDS.

Father Giuseppe Bellucci, one of the concert's organisers, says, "The Vatican decided to exclude Daniela Mercury from the cast not because of her convictions about contraceptives even if they are not in agreement those of the Catholic Church.

"She was excluded because she had announced that at the concert she would openly promote the use of condoms to fight the plague of AIDS."

However, furious Mercury said she would never mention contraceptives at the event, but has taken part in campaigns for the use of condoms in the past.

Mercury fumes, "I never stated that I would advocate the use of condoms at the Vatican's Christmas concert. Their allegations are incongruent with the facts."