LATEST: The object of Daniel Radcliffe's affections has been found after the Harry Potter star confessed he'd fallen for a mystery girl at an Australian event last year (07).
The young Brit recently told the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper that he had been bewitched by a girl with the most amazing eyes at the 2007 AFI awards.
Radcliffe said, "She looked like she wanted to pounce on me. She stared at me the whole night and I was going to get her number and then I couldn't find her."
After a search for the mystery girl, Radcliffe gave up - but now his lady love has been found by the newspaper.
She's 20-year-old Sydney insurance worker Cassi MCKay, who admits to speaking briefly to the actor at the awards party.
She says, "We said hello and had a quick chat and for the rest of the night, just because I was fascinated, we were sort of smiling and making eye contact. I couldn't believe when he said he was looking for the girl."
But any plans Radcliffe had of romancing the girl have been dashed - she has been in a serious relationship with her boyfriend for the past two years.
However, the pretty Aussie is open to the idea of meeting up with the movie star again: "I've told my boyfriend about him and I'd be keen to meet up."