Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that having to bare all on stage in his current West End play is "scary".

The Harry Potter star is appearing alongside Richard Griffiths and Jenny Agutter in Equus as a troubled teenager who has an erotic and destructive relationship with horses.

More than just a few eyebrows and tabloid headlines were raised when it emerged that he would be appearing naked during sex scenes in the play.

In comments to be shown on the Jonathan Ross show tonight, the 17-year-old actor said that despite being scared at the thought of revealing what usually lies behind his wizard clothes, the thought of performing in London's West End was even more so.

"I wasn't so much intimidated by the part but by the thought of going on stage and sustaining the energy for two-and-a-half hours," he said.

"The whole point of doing something different is to show that you can, so hopefully it's achieved that... in any case, given this opportunity, you would be really dumb to turn it down."

His trim shape may seem pretty impressive, but Radcliffe has confessed that it is not the result of hours sweating in the gym.

"There were ridiculous stories in the papers about me doing seven hours a day in the gym... I'm not that committed," he said.

Equus is currently showing at the Gielgud theatre in London. His role in the play has won critical acclaim, with descriptions such as "brilliant", "extraordinary" and "impressive".

23/03/2007 16:09:47