Daniel Radcliffe was left red-faced after trying to swipe a golden egg from the set of Harry Potter AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE - because movie bosses had promised the pricey prop to a museum.
The British actor, who plays the boy wizard in the hit franchise, admits he wanted to keep the item as a special memento from his time spent working on the fourth installment.
But he was forced to give back the keepsake after learning it was worth a staggering $15,000 (£10,000).
He recalls, "I did get in trouble when I was caught with the dragon's egg. I didn't know it was worth £10,000 and going into a museum. I had to give it back.
"They were doing car checks to make sure nothing was being stolen."
Radcliffe's co-star Rupert Grint also attempted to take a golden egg home, but movie bosses tracked the prop down and ordered him to hand it over.