Daniel Radcliffe is planning to make magic happen from behind the camera when he finishes filming the Harry Potter franchise - by becoming a director.
The 20 year old star is close to completing his time as the boy wizard, with the cast currently shooting the final part of the big screen phenomenon, set for release as in 2011.
Although Radcliffe has moviemakers clamouring to sign him up to star in new projects, the young Brit is ready to become an auteur in his own right, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.
He is so intent on embarking on a career as a director, he even persuaded Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' producer David Barron to let him helm one of the film's scenes.
A source tells the publication, "Daniel has told friends he is looking for a project to direct when he finally waves goodbye to Hogwarts. He has been approached by a number of producers.
"He wants to direct something gritty and hard-hitting. David has been giving him guidance on how to reach his goal."