Daniel Radcliffe's co-star in hit Broadway show How To Succeed In Business has applauded the young Brit for giving teenagers a taste for the theatre.
Thespian John Larroquette has nothing but good things to say about his movie star sidekick and has no qualms about screaming teenagers coming to the theatre just to see Radcliffe in action.
While many theatre veterans would rather the movie stars stick to Hollywood, he's thrilled to see a new generation of fans in the front row - even if they're not there for all the right reasons.
Speaking at a Drama Desk Movie and Television Stars on Broadway panel hosted by Robin Milling, Larroquette says, "I think everyone should be given a shot. I think the hubris of thinking that because you're a huge movie star that you're gonna walk on stage and be able to have that same sense of magnetism is certainly not true, but I don't think anybody should be excluded from the club because they happen to be a movie star.
"I don't mean to sound pompous but stars are keeping theaters open now because they bring in the audiences. If Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig are on Broadway there are gonna be a lot of people come see them who wouldn't normally go to the theatre.
"I speak from experience; walking out of that theatre every night, there are 15-year-old girls who are semi-wet; and no, it's from the rain! They are coming to see Mr. Radcliffe.
"These kids have never been to the theatre before and his bodyguards have to deal with them when he comes out. I'm signing autographs and I talk to these young girls and they are excited about being at the theatre. They had no idea about that experience so it's opened up a whole new area."