Daniel Radcliffe is obsessed with "cheap chocolate".

The 21-year-old actor - who shot to fame playing the lead role in the 'Harry Potter' franchise when he was just 11 years old - can't resist tucking into his favourite confectionary treat at least once a day, and admits he turns to sweets when he is under stress.

Speaking about his current favourite, Cadbury's Flake bars, he said: "I have one a day; two if it's a special - or an especially stressful - day.

"I've been into them for about a year. It used to be Mars Bars. I only like cheap chocolate; expensive stuff is wasted on me."

Daniel recently finished working on the last of the films in the wizarding series, the two part 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' and admits he is anxious about what the future holds.

He added in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper: "It's over now. I was much more emotional than I anticipated on the last day.

"I won't pretend that I'm not nervous about moving on. And I will have to work hard to stay busy, and try to separate myself from that character. So, I am slightly trepidatious. But whatever cannot be avoided must be accepted."