Actor Daniel Radcliffe has made a two-year pledge to his girlfriend to clean up his act around their house.
Production assistant Rosie Coker has asked the Harry Potter star to spread a little magic at home and work on his neatness, tidiness and domestic skills.
The 22 year old tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper Coker has given him a deadline of two years to be "like a fully-functioning human being around the house."
He adds, "I think it means I have to be able to cook for myself better than I can at the moment, and it means that I can't leave the house in a state the way I do."
Radcliffe insists he is taking the ultimatum seriously: "I have made it my mission to improve myself. There's certainly progress to be made... She's (Coker) busy, I'm busy, but we're making it work and it's good. She's helped me grow up, and I love her very much."