Daniel Radcliffe wants a Tattoo.

The 21-year-old actor admits one of the good things about the 'Harry Potter' franchise - in which he has played the titular boy wizard in all eight movies - coming to an end is that he can have some body art as he was previously unable to do so because of his commitment to the film series.

He said: "I definitely do want to get some tattoos, something that would have been ill-advised during Potter."

During his time out from filming the 'Harry Potter' movies, Daniel starred in a stage production of 'Equus' in both London and New York, in which he had to strip naked.

While he insists he doesn't mind baring all for a role, the actor admits it was a "terrifying" experience.

He told Britain's Star magazine: "It's like, 'Put it away, Dan!' I really don't mind anymore. I performed 'Equus' well over 300 times.

"I still had the fear every night though, absolutely. I hate all these actors who say it's liberating. That's rubbish, you Liars, it's not liberating - it's terrifying!"