The Harry Potter star has been working in the film industry since he was 10 years old and became a household name playing the boy wizard for ten years until 2011. Ever since then, Daniel has been taking on unexpected and intriguing roles in films such as Kill Your Friends and Horns.

He has now revealed he is in the middle of creating his own projects, which he believes is common in actors, but he recently realised that the film he and his friends are trying to make requires far too much money.

"I’m trying to (write a screenplay), but isn’t every actor?" he told Britain's The Guardian newspaper. "I’m doing one thing on my own, which needs a lot of work. I’m also writing a really weird comedy with a couple of friends. We’ve just realised that we’ve written the most expensive film ever made."

Daniel is currently promoting his latest films Imperium and Swiss Army Man, which has become known as the movie in which he plays a "farting corpse" following initial reviews after its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January (16).

He admits pitching the movie has been difficult because people are only focused on the farting element, when it's much more than that.

"You’ve only got three minutes to talk," he explains. "You can’t give an accurate impression of Swiss Army Man in three minutes. And people fixate on the farting, which makes you want to go: 'Yeah, but it’s also really beautiful and weird, and there’s nothing else like it.'"

While he does admit it's one of the weirdest films he has ever done, it also contains the proudest scene of his career to date.

"If I had to burn every other scene I’ve ever done in my career and leave one, it would be the bus scene in Swiss Army Man. It’s the best six minutes I’ve ever been involved with onscreen," he said.