Daniel Radcliffe has landed the lead role in a remake of 'All Quiet on the Western Front'.

The 20-year-old actor will play German solider Paul Baumer in the reimagining of the 1929 war novel classic, which has been adapted for film twice - once in 1930 and again in 1979.

The movie's producer Ian Stokell said: "When we realised how much Daniel loved The Script we were really excited.

"We know he can tap into the delicate balance between intensity and believability that is critical."

The latest remake of the war movie is expected to hit cinemas in 2011.

It is not the first time Daniel has played a soldier from World War I - he has previously played Jack in the TV movie 'My Boy Jack' alongside 'Sex And The City' actress Kim Cattrall in 2007.

Best known for his role in the 'Harry Potter' movie franchise, Daniel has now filmed the last scenes for the magical series and is working on a biographical movie about the life of photojournalist Dan Eldon entitled 'The Journey is the Destination'.