Daniel Radcliffe was once left flustered by a fan who wanted to shake his hand while he was urinating.

The 'Woman in Black' actor admits starring in the 'Harry Potter' series has lead to people noticing him all over the world, which has caused some uncomfortable moments for him.

He said: "What's the most unusual place I've been recognised? At the top of a roller coaster in Paris.

"Just as it was about to go down, I heard someone behind me shout, 'It's him!' I was wearing a snood and just my eyes were showing, so that person deserves a medal.

"The most awkward place to be recognised is in a toilet. I've had someone try to shake my hand at a urinal."

Despite being thought to be worth £57 million, the 22-year-old British star admits he is not extravagant with his film earnings, and tends to leave financial decisions up to his mother.

He told the Metro newspaper: "I've spent money on art but other than that, my mum's invested it. I own a great drawing by a US artist called Jim Hodges and I'm a fan of Damien Hirst's butterfly paintings and I have one of them."