Daniel Radcliffe has always had one-eye on what he'd do after the phenomenally successfully film adaptation franchise 'Harry Potter' finished, with several appearances in Broadway over the past few years including plays like 'Equus' and 'How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying' earning him good reviews and the sense that he'll live on to become more than a one franchise wonder. That prediction will be put to the test next month however as he makes his return to the silver screen as Arthur Kipps in the film adaptation of Susan Hill's 'The Women In Black.' Talking to Reuters however, Radcliffe revealed he was relishing the chance to move on, praising the original book's story as the key factor that'll allow audiences to see him as more than simply Harry Potter.
"I think it's the start of that [reinvention], absolutely," the 22 year-old said, explaining "People haven't seen me looking like this before. People haven't seen me playing a father - all those things are going to help separate it in their mind. But I think ultimately the thing that will help that reinvention is the fact that the story is so good. I think people will very quickly forget that they're watching Harry Potter."
Touching on the future, the actor expressed a keenness to work further in both film and stage, but was under no illusions as to how tough it would be to fully shake off the films that had originally made him famous, saying "It's a long road. It's not going to be one film and suddenly you're off. It's going to be a combination."