Daniel Radcliffe, the 21-year-old British actor and star of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2', has made a surprise appearance at the movie's premiere in London. Radcliffe was not expected to be in attendance given his current work commitments on Broadway, reports the UK Guardian newspaper.
Speculation the actor was on his way to London's Trafalgar Square began to intensify around 6.30pm Gmt, with Radcliffe finally appearing fifteen minutes later to the delight of the thousands of screaming fans. Asked by correspondent Alex Zane how he coped with the darker issues in the final Potter instalment, the actor responded, "A lot of Radiohead.a lot of Hope of the States, there's one (track) called Enemies/Friends that I keep going back to over the years", adding, "But when you're acting alongside Ralph Fiennes.it's terrifying". Despite his burgeoning acting career, the actor said he would miss the Potter movies, saying, "The final scenes were incredibly emotional and sad". Elsewhere at the premiere, Jk Rowling signed autographs for fans and Rupert Grint spoke about his highly-anticipated kiss with Emma Watson, saying, "This is a kiss that has been building up since the first films.it was quite a hard one to do".
Daniel Radcliffe is gaining plaudits for his current role in the Broadway production of 'How to Be Successful in Business Without Really Trying".