Daniel Radcliffe has ''never quite been comfortable'' with social media.

The 'Harry Potter' star doesn't feel he has the ''mental fortitude'' for sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and thinks he would get into fights all the time if he did have a profile on the social media sites.

Speaking on Busy Tonight, he said: ''I don't not like it, but I'd be c**p on it. I would get into fights. I don't have the mental fortitude for the internet. I worry that like I wouldn't, I wouldn't be rigorous enough to like actually do it myself, then it would become somebody else's responsibility, and then any kind of actual authenticity would seem lost for that. I've never quite been comfortable with it.''

Daniel previously had confessed he feels ''more settled mentally'' now.

He explained: ''I feel a lot more settled mentally, and am more comfortable with what makes me happy. More comfortable with the fact that I am a person that loves just hanging out with my friends. Or watching quiz shows. I am comfortable with the things about myself that I used to think, man, am I really boring? Should I be going out and getting wasted all the time?''

And the 29-year-old actor admits people expect him ''to be an absolute a**hole.''

He said: ''When I did my first non-Potter film, 'December Boys' [in 2007], I became good friends with one of the make-up and hair teams. After a few weeks, I said, 'So, honestly, what did you expect when you were going to get me?' And they said, 'We thought you were going to be a d**k.' Because that's the notion people have in their heads of child stars. People expect me to be an absolute a**hole. And when I'm not, that always plays in my favour.''