The 26-year-old actor gave up alcohol after finishing work on 2011's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the last film in the world-famous franchise, and announced his sobriety in 2012 .

Several years, and one relapse, later, Daniel is still teetotal and has no desire to go back to that place, which would often involve him taking dangerous risks and blacking out in public.

Of no longer drinking alcohol, Daniel told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper: "It’s lovely. I barely think about it. I can’t tell you what kind of drunk I am because I don’t remember what kind of drunk I am. I think I’m probably great – while I’m conscious. But then I have to be looked after and ultimately I don’t want to wake up to 20 text messages along the lines of, ‘Where are you? Dude, are you OK?’"

Daniel is also adamant that his drinking habit wasn't just something that came with being in his twenties, as if that was the case he wouldn't have quit. In his opinion, anyone who chooses to abuse alcohol is "attracted to that chaos", and he no longer wanted to be a part of it.

That's not to say his state of mind has changed though and he instead focuses on safer forms of entertainment, like reading a good book.

He's also dived into plenty of projects since leaving the role of boy wizard Harry Potter behind, perhaps one of the most risque being his role on stage in Equus, which involved one of the longest nude scenes in theatre.

"If you look at interviews from that time, I’m saying, 'Ah, it’s fine, whatever,' but it was absolutely terrifying," he recalled. "But I’ve since had a lot of directors say that was the thing that made everyone sit up and go, 'Oh, he’s interested in doing other stuff.' You don’t do a play like Equus unless you want to be an actor."