Daniel Radcliffe's new film The Woman In Black has opened in Los Angeles and the young Harry Potter star found himself on the receiving end of a marriage proposal. The Daily Mail today published photos of the girl popping the question, down on one knee. According to the accompanying report, Radcliffe - dressed in a black leather biker jacket, black jeans and black hi-tops - "seemed gracious" whilst he listened to her proposal, as onlookers grinned. The eager fan had apparently taken a microphone from Mario Lopez, who was there as the host of Extra and Mario is shown, hands in pockets, seemingly enjoying the moment. Whether or not Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend Rosie Coker was present at the screening is unclear.
The organisers of the Woman In Black premiere had pulled out all the stops to make the event an especially spooky one. And if Radcliffe wasn't spooked enough by the surprise proposal, then the specially laid black carpet and girls in gothic garb should have helped set the scene for him. Luckily for Radcliffe, he had support on hand, in the form of his friend and former Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton, who played the role of Draco Malfoy.
When asked about the filming of the movie, Daniel explained that it was a lot less disturbing than the film itself: "We had a very nice, relaxed time on all of our locations. It was a very good time and nothing scary happened."