Daniel Radcliffe gave Harry Potter fans a taste of how dreadful a future return to Hogwarts would be on U.S. TV on Saturday (14Jan12).
Hosting Saturday Night Live, the young actor reprised Potter for a skit set in 2020, during which the former boy wizard was living off his past glories as he greeted new students.
Now unkempt and balding, the literary hero had fallen on hard times and was back at Hogwarts, boasting about how he vanquished Valdemort a decade before.
In the skit his friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, were Hogwarts teachers and Draco Malfoy was the parent of a new student.
The hilarious sketch ended with the news that Hagrid had wed Potter pal Luna Lovegood.
All the characters, apart from Potter, were played by Snl regulars.
Radcliffe also appeared as a lovestruck, ponytailed store assistant, the star of a knock-off Jersey Boys musical titled Delaware Fellas and the Yorkshire terrier pet of Casey Anthony, who was controversially acquitted of the murder of her young daughter in 2011 in various skits on the show.