Daniel Radcliffe is a ''great kisser'', according to his co-star Dane DeHaan.

The actors share several steamy gay love scenes in their new movie 'Kill Your Darlings' and Dane was thoroughly impressed by his on-screen beau's lip-locking ability.

He told E! News: ''Dan's a great kisser!''

It appears the former 'Harry Potter' leading man was just as pleased with his co-star's smooching skills, adding: ''So is he [Dane] - there's no shame in saying that.''

The pair have also been endorsed for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards by the film's director, John Krokidas.

He said: ''Fingers crossed that it's a nominee. That would make me so happy.''

'Kill Your Darlings' sees Daniel, 24, play famed gay poet Allen Ginsberg as a young college student at Columbia University in 1943. The film depicts the scribe's first encounters with fellow future literary greats including Dane's Lucien Carr, Jack Kerouac and William Boroughs.

The historical drama has received much attention for its raunchier scenes between lovers Allen and Lucien, but Dane feels they have been handled in a tasteful manner.

The 27-year-old actor explained: ''It's like the first time that two people who have a lot of feelings for each other are finally getting to express that in any kind of way. I'm glad it turned out like it is. I think it's really beautiful.''