Singer Daniel Powter was forced to write his hit song BAD DAY because he couldn't get the song's "obnoxious melody" out of his head. The song has become a worldwide hit and has received huge exposure on TV talent contest American Idol, who use it every week to farewell contestants who are voted off the show. Powter explains, "It was an obnoxious melody going off in my head." The singer was skeptical about the song's potential for success, noting the first time he heard the song on the radio he was exercising in a Paris gym and it was immediately switched off. He says, "This old man was working out. He stood up, said something in French and turned it off. It was the funniest thing. "I felt like we weren't gonna get a hit!" The song has topped the US Billboard chart for the last four weeks (ends20APR06) and was number one throughout Europe last summer (05). The Canadian singer adds, "I've had a lot of bad days, but I haven't had any in the last month."