Singer Daniel Merriweather once received some handy diet tips from the most unlikely of sources - his rap idol JAY-Z.
Aussie native Merriweather met the Big Pimpin' hitmaker when he attended a birthday celebration for the the hip-hop superstar's wife Beyonce last September (08).
The Stop Me star was overjoyed to meet Jay-Z, and was left stunned when the rapper gave him advice on healthy eating.
Merriweather says, "Jay-Z is my favourite rapper in the world. I idolise him.
"He gave me a lecture on nutrition. I was so shocked. He told me I should drink rice milk with cereal every morning and I'll notice how much healthier I'll feel. I was blown away. Out of all the things I would want my favourite rapper to say, he's telling me, 'Rice milk and granola.' It was hilarious."