Mark Ronson says his voice sounds like a "cat being raped by a gorilla".

The British producer - whose second album 'Version' had three top ten hits and won him a Brit Award for 'Best Male Artist' in 2008 - has announced that he will be singing on his forthcoming album but says his vocals aren't quite up to scratch yet.

Speaking about his voice, he told Q magazine it was: "Like a cat being raped by a gorilla. Or maybe soft and white like toilet paper".

The Australian singer/songwriter Sam Sparro has previously offered to give his friend singing lessons if he thought it would help.

The 'Black and Gold' hitmaker said: "I will give him singing lessons for sure. I was out with him recently and we always have a good laugh."

Mark has previously collaborated with vocalists including Australian star Daniel Merriweather, 'Back To Black' hitmaker Amy Winehouse and 'Smile' singer Lily Allen.