Canadian singer/producer Daniel Lanois "blacked out" after breaking six bones and suffering internal bleeding in a motorcycle crash last month (Jun10).
Lanois, who has produced albums for Bob Dylan and U2, cracked his pelvis and suffered a collapsed lung - and admits he's lucky to be alive following the road accident in Los Angeles.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I was on my bike with a friend of mine on the back and a guy coming the other way decided to turn in front of me into a variety store.
"I veered to miss him, but I hit an industrial box on the sidewalk going 35 miles per hour. I blacked out and when I came to I was laying on my back in the parking lot and people were telling me, 'Don't move.' Then they hauled me away to a hospital and I had to lay there like a vegetable for three weeks."
And the 58 year old reveals he still has a long way to go before he is fully recovered.
He adds, "I'm concerned about my right lung since it's slightly collapsed. There's still some liquid floating around in my lung cavity and there is scar tissue down there and there might be a bit of scabbing. In another week they'll do a scan and see if (they) need to get in there one more time - which is no picnic because they punch a hole in your side and stick in a drain hose. You want morphine for that."
The producer, who has been forced to use a wheelchair ever since the crash, scrapped his entire tour schedule for June and July (10) to allow him time to recuperate.