Daniel Kaluuya experiences racism ''every day''.

The 28-year-old actor ignored director Jordan Peele's advice to study horror movies when he worked on 'Get Out' - in which he played Chris, an African American who accompanied his white girlfriend to meet her parents - and instead drew on incidents from his own life.

He said: ''I lived it. I live it. I live this. I just read the script, so it was in me.

''I go through racism every day. Every day someone says some sick stuff.

''Racism's horrifying. People end up dead, mothers lose their kids. This s**t's f***ed up.

''You have all these experiences and you have to keep going for your dreams, but you're carrying this.''

Despite his success, the former 'Skins' star insisted his life can be ''tough'' just because of his background.

He said: ''This industry's hard. The world is hard. Being young and black is tough. You can't complain about it, so you need a safe place to moan.

''When I need a reality check, I call my mum. She gives me the realness and says, 'You were born in England, shut up.' ''

And Daniel is amazed he's landed a role inn upcoming Marvel blockbuster 'Black Panther' but insists he won't let it change who he is.

He told Britain's ELLE magazine: ''I'm in a Marvel film? Holy f**k... This is a brother from Camden Town. It just doesn't compute because I know my life.

''All my boys say to me, 'Yo, you don't understand what's about to happen. After 'Black Panther' you can't get a bus any more.' But I'm still going to get the bus.''

Hollywood has been hit with a wave of sexual misconduct scandals in recent months, but the 'Black Mirror' actor insists he wasn't ''shocked'' by the harassment allegations and only hopes things will change now they have been made public.

He said: ''A lot of men are raised in a mad way. I'd be lying to you if I said I was shocked. Everyone knows. Everyone knows.

''Now it's time to listen to people's stories, to do things properly. Make it a criminal case as opposed to a public shaming. Make sure there are repercussions.''