Acting with Daniel Day-Lewis has re-inspired Nicole Kidman as a working parent - and prompted her to ignore plans to become a full-time mum.
The two Oscar winners teamed up for the first time for upcoming movie musical Nine and Kidman admits she was amazed by her co-star's commitment to the film, his marriage and his kids - all at the same time.
She says, "I was able to see an actor still love and honour what he does, and I think that's really important for me to see that again - to see the art form honoured and see him commit to it the way he does.
"That was great to be around because I can get called to my family and completely ignore my art and I think when I get older, I think I'll go, 'Gosh, I wish I'd given a little bit more to some of my work...' because I can just let that go now, to the point of never doing it again.
"I see Daniel and I go, 'Ah, it's beautiful how he balances it,' because he's a wonderful father and husband and also an extraordinary actor. He's got it all."