Daniel Day-Lewis has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS.

The GANGS OF NEW YORK star made the movie adaptation of JAMES FENIMORE COOPER's novel 13 years ago (92) but Men's Health editors still judge his portrayal of rugged Native American HAWKEYE as the best example of true manhood ever.

The magazine states, "Name a useful male trait and Hawkeye bleeds it: honour, heart, humour, savagery, loyalty, fraternity, resiliency, cunning, mercy."

Jim Carrey, SIR Sean Connery and Marlon Brando are also among the stars honoured for portraying great men on big screen.

Carrey is recognised for his portrayal of a man coping with a love split in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, while Connery is honoured for showing "balls" in The Untouchables.

Late great Brando's performance in The Godfather is recognised for showing men they can be both macho and family men. Other stars honoured in the inaugural Men's Health Movie Awards are Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross), David Carradine (Kill Bill, VOL 2) and Nicolas Cage (MOONSTRUCK).

In a related poll, readers chose INDIANA JONES as the movie character they most admired; Lethal Weapon's RIGGS and MURTAUGH as their favourite movie buddies and DARTH VADER as the ultimate movie villain.

Salma Hayek beat Halle Berry to the title of sexiest actress of all time and Jodie Foster's Silence Of The Lambs character beat out Uma Thurman's butt-kicking BRIDE (KILL BILL) as readers' most admirable female character.

04/02/2005 09:42