Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis is thrilled his "I drink your milkshake" line from THERE WILL BE BLOOD has become part of popular culture. The Internet has been inundated with parodies and imitations and U.S. satirical show Saturday Night Live poked fun at the actor and his phrase on Saturday (23Feb08). Day-Lewis, who won his Best Actor prize on Sunday (24Feb08) for his role as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood, insists he doesn't mind being a figure of fun. He says, "If people absorb something you've done... and people can make something else out of it, that's delightful to me. "I come from two cultures - England and Ireland - where there's a long tradition of... we call it slagging in Ireland, taking the piss in England, and if you can offer up something that people can slag you for, they're always grateful for that." Day-Lewis admits he had no idea the milkshake line would become a hit, but he was thrilled when he read it in the script. He adds, "It made a great impression on me."