Academy Award-winner Daniel Day-Lewis is still bitter about an interview his uncle gave criticising his split from actress Isabelle Adjani. The un-named uncle spoke out after the actor left Adjani for current wife Rebecca Miller in 1995 when the French star was pregnant with his son. Day-Lewis is still appalled by the betrayal. He says, "I'm remembering one episode of... of malice, I suppose. "An uncle of mine felt the need to give an interview a few years ago to one of the trash papers in which he took a moral stance on my actions. "This was laughable in itself, because he is probably one of the most amoral people I have ever encountered. He chose to speechify what he felt about me and my life. "The man has always been a joke in my family - a coward, a bully, a hypocrite and a fraud - but that day he became a really bad joke. "I realised the desperation of this man as he sought some kind of public attention for himself. "Unfortunately he is an older man. If he had been younger, I'd have taken him to the market place and smacked him, quite honestly."