The parents of young star DILLON FREASIER almost pulled the 10year-old out of Daniel Day-Lewis' new film after seeing his big screen father in Gangs of New York. Freasier's former police officer mother had no idea who Day-Lewis was when her son won the part as his adopted son in There Will Be Blood - and decided to check the actor out on film. The Irish actor's aides rushed off a copy of The Age of Innocence to the family after hearing they'd picked the wrong movie to judge him by. He says, "His mother wanted to do things right and she thought she'd better check out this bunch of people that were going to be taking care of her son. "She said, `I'll go rent a movie that fellow did.' And she went and got Gangs of New York. She was absolutely appalled. She thought she was releasing her dear child into the hands of a monster. "There was a flurry of phone calls, and somebody sent a copy of The Age of Innocence to her. Apparently that did the trick." Day-Lewis is thrilled Freasier landed the part of H.W. because he can't imagine enjoying the company of another young star more. He adds, "We were quite close, we had a nice friendship... He was just one step ahead of us, pretty much most of the time. His mom just raised him so beautifully."