Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis had a narrow escape on Christmas Day (25Dec) as a youngster after falling through ice into a freezing lake.

Tv chef Tamasin Day-Lewis has shared memories of her actor brother with Britain's Daily Mail, recalling how her impressionable sibling would often follow her orders - leading to some disastrous moments.

She recalls, "I still remember the Christmas we all stayed with friends in Dorset (south England). I suggested that Dan walked across the iced pond ahead of me to the fallen tree in its middle. I learnt as much of a lesson as he did when the ice cracked and he went under. Thank God he managed to climb his way out."

The pair also used to hide their least favourite food from their parents to avoid eating it, according to Tamasin.

She adds: "Grown-ups were a mysterious race to us, but we discovered a world of our own where our imaginations ranged, solidarity ruled and a sense of being fellow conspirators disobeying the rules gave us excitement in an otherwise often dull, monotonous and strict upbringing.

"Surreptitiously hiding the food we hated in our pockets (in my case corned beef hash, which reminded me of cat-food, and in Dan's the dreaded fish pie with anchovy essence) before flushing it down the loo, imitating our mother's walk by playing grandmother's footsteps behind her... those first small steps of rebelliousness taught us what we could and couldn't get away with."