The first full trailer for the latest James Bond film, SKYFALL, starring Daniel Craig has been put on line today, pleasing just about everybody.
In case jumping from a helicopter with Her Majesty QUEEN ELIZABETH at the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday wasn't enough for Bond fans, then seeing him in Skyfall in a much more revealing take should hopefully suffice.
Daniel Craig returns as Bond, with Dame Judi Dench reclaiming her role as MI6 bigwig M in the film that will see Oscar winner Sam Mendes step behind the camera.
This latest trailer also gives us our first glimpses of Javier Bardem, who will be taking on the role of bad guy Silva, whilst Ralph Fiennes shows up in the trailer looking his usual shady self.
Social networking sites have exploded in a flurry of commentary directed at the new trailer, although most of the conversation seems to be based around Bardem's character, who sports a bleached blond hair do.
Still, the trailer does look highly promising, with explosions and stunts galore - the scene in which a train has it's back torn off and Bond reacts with classic Bond swagger is one particularly promising point.
Skyfall hits cinemas on October 26, and also features Helen McCrory, Albert Finney and OLA RAPACE.

Watch the new trailer in HD here!