Sony have pulled a fast one on. well, we're not sure who really. If they're trying to make a claim against piracy and pirates then it's a bit of an odd one as the stunt they've pulled actually looks like it could cost DVD rental retailers more than a bit of money and good will. The stunt in question is that the distributors have designed the DVD artwork of their film 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' as though it was simply a burned DVD-R, even going so far as to write the film's title carelessly across it with black marker pen.
Those renting the DVD have reportedly been shocked and questioned whether the DVD was really the genuine article, with the UK's Daily Telegraph reporting a member of the forum MidWest Tape commenting "I almost had a fit and retuned this to Redbox." That was just an example of the dozens of queries by people who, evidently, didn't bother to actually put the thing in the DVD player to see if it worked or not.
Redbox have now been forced post a warning message to renters in response to the design stating "NOTE TO RENTERS: The handwritten look on the disc of this movie is legitimate and is intended to look like a burned DVD". The movie, by David Fincher, stars Daniel Craig and ROONEY MARA.