New JAMES BOND Daniel Craig's debut as the world's most famous secret agent has wowed critics in Britain. Craig's appointment as Pierce Brosnan's successor for Casino Royale was controversial and fans and critics doubted his ability to match the standards set by his predecessors. But after a sneak preview, Craig's performance has been described as "terrific" and "simply brilliant". The Daily Telegraph gushes that Craig "steps with full assuredness into Sean Connery'S old handmade shoes", while The Times adds, "Craig is up there with the best - he combines Sean Connery's athleticism and cocksure swagger with Timothy Dalton'S thrilling undercurrent of stone-cold cruelty." The movie itself has also impressed critics, one of whom described it as "easily the best film since GOLDENEYE". The Daily Telegraph writes, "It's Bond, but not as we've known it. The guns and action are there... the girls are certainly there... but the clonking double entendres of the old days are gone - in their place is a much more teasing, smartly written prospect." Casino Royale hits cinemas in Britain and America on 17 November (06).