It seems that James Bond star Daniel Craig works to serve Her Majesty's both in front of and behind the camera, with an invitation to open the London Olympics as 007 from Queen Elizabeth herself. The highly anticipated sporting event is set to be introduced by a short film staring Craig being appointed to open the ceremony by Royal Appointment, the Sun reports. Her Majesty herself may even be set for a cameo role in the introductory film, although spokespeople for the Palace have remained tight-lipped.
Danny Boyle, who will be serving as creative director of the opening ceremony will be working behind the scenes to ensure that the mini-film, titled 'The Arrival,' will be unforgettable. 2012 not only marks the year of the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but also the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond franchise, with producers eager to make a positive impression. Helicopter, parachutes and a host of other typically MI6 associated props will be incorporated into the filming process as well as filming scenes taking part inside Buckingham Palace. Crewmembers have been given strict instructions to remain secretive about all filming processes so that no word can get out before the ceremony takes place with all phones and cameras belonging to crew members being banned from the sets.