Daniel Craig thinks ''dirty'' Rihanna would make the perfect Bond girl.

The 'Skyfall' actor is a fan of the 'Diamonds' singer's raunchy style and attitude and would chose her as James Bond's future sidekick over her fellow superstar Beyonce Knowles.

When quizzed about which singer he would prefer as a love interest for 007, he told GlobalGrind.com: ''I think Rihanna. She's dirtier.''

Daniel's co-stars Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe opted for 'Single Ladies' singer Beyonce, and were outraged at the 44-year-old actor's comment.

Naomie joked: ''Is that what you need to be a Bond girl?''

Rihanna - who has recently voiced her interest in pursuing an acting career after starring in action flick 'Battleship' - tweeted a link to the interview and added: ''Daniel Craig Says Rihanna Would Be An Ideal Bond Girl... This makes me happy.''

The spy franchise's producers are famed for taking risks with their choice of Bond girls, and latest recruit Naomie was shocked when she was invited to audition since she thought she was too old.

She said: ''When my agent first said I was auditioning as a Bond girl, I said, 'I'm 35, I don't think that is very likely.' ''