The James Bond actor, 48, and his 46-year-old spouse had been embroiled in a dispute after their next-door neighbours complained the roots of an 80-foot plane tree in the back garden of the couple's $5 million (£4 million) London mansion were damaging their home.

Officials from Camden Council have now issued a Tree Preservation Order, saving the towering tree and another similar one on their property from the chop.

Explaining officials decision to issue the preservation order, a council spokesperson told the Camden New Journal newspaper, "The plane tree is considered to provide a high level of amenity and to make a positive contribution to the character of this part of the conservation area.

"The trees in the rear garden provide a screen between neighbouring properties, and are visually important viewed from the School nearby."

Daniel's neighbours had petitioned the council to force the star to remove the tree as its roots were causing cracks in the walls to their home.

According to editors at the local newspaper however, council officials disputed the claim that the tree was the cause of the cracks, placing the blame on a sewage pipe instead.

The Hollywood power couple also proposed an alternative solution to the dispute by offering to cut the trees back in a bid to placate local residents.

Some locals had sided with Rachel and Daniel and launched a campaign to save the tree from the axe.

Colin Jacobson told the Camden New Journal, "The tree is a vital part of our landscape in Camden Town, and too often trees like this are lost as a precautionary measure to satisfy insurers, not because of hard facts."