New JAMES BOND Daniel Craig has hit out at claims he is "too soft" to play the British secret agent, insisting he will be the toughest 007 so far. Craig, who is currently filming Casino Royale in the Bahamas, has faced strong criticism from fans after reports emerged that he couldn't drive Bond's classic Aston Martin. Stories also surfaced claiming Craig suffered from the Caribbean heat, and knocked one of his teeth out. But the actor has hit back, arguing that all Bond actors get injured. He admits, "I got bumped and I knocked a crown out. I got it fixed, simple as that. It didn't hurt and there was no bleeding. I saw a dentist and never left the set. I completed the day's work." Craig is also determined to achieve Bond's toughness through a strict exercise regime. He says, "It is an incredibly physical role, and I don't want to be taking days off. I want to get as fit as I can. "In James Bond movies you are going to get hurt."