Daniel Craig had "scabs" on his legs after learning to ride a horse in 'Cowboys & Aliens'.

The 43-year-old actor - who portrays outlaw Jake Lonergan in the sci-fi western movie - explained shoot the film left him chafed and in pain.

He said: "You get over the saddle soreness eventually, thank goodness. And after a week the scabs heal over. It's no joke, though - why do you think cowboys walk so funny?"

Daniel - who stars opposite Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde in 'Cowboys & Aliens' - admitted while shooting action scenes alongside Harrison was a "big thrill", he found the process terrifying.

He added to the Daily Record newspaper: "Galloping across the prairie with Harrison Ford was a big thrill but I just held on for grim death. The most important rules for a cowboy are don't fall off the horse - and whatever you do, don't lose the hat.

"I had to buy the crew a crate of beer every time I lost my hat, and that happened a couple of times. After that, I glued the thing to my head."