Daniel Craig thought he and Harrison Ford would "butt heads" in 'Cowboys and Aliens'.

The 43-year-old star - who portrays gun-toting Jake Lonergan in the new movie - admitted he had heard "good and bad things" about the legendary actor prior to working alongside him in the Western sci-fi adventure.

He said: "I'd been a huge fan of Harrison's, but it could have gone either way because I didn't know what he was like to work with. I'd heard good things and I'd heard bad things and we could have butted heads.

"But when I met him he just wanted to make the best movie and that made it easy for me to get on with him. It was just a joy. He's very funny and generous, both as an actor and a human being."

Despite also playing 007 hero James Bond in the self-titled franchise, Daniel explained he grew up dreaming of being able to play a "cowboy".

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "People say I must have always dreamed of playing James Bond when I was a kid but I never did.

"I wanted to be a cowboy - and I lucked out to get the chance to do it in a movie."

Last night (11.08.11), Daniel and Harrison were joined at the UK premiere of the film at London's The O2 by co-star Olivia Wilde.