Daniel Craig indulged in a few drinks before finding the confidence to open up to his idol Harrison Ford on the set of Cowboys & Aliens.
The actors play gunslingers in the sci-fi western, and the Bond hunk was thrilled to get the chance to work with the Indiana Jones legend after admiring his work for years.
But the Brit admits he had to down booze before he felt fully comfortable chatting with his idol.
He tells Esquire magazine, "You rarely get these opportunities to actually speak to people you admire. I think it's human nature to get a bit nervous around people like that, but certainly a coupe of large malt whiskies helped loosen my tongue.
"I was very open about how much he's influenced me. He's Harrison Ford, you know? He knows how to ride a horse, shoot a gun, build a house, fly a helicopter. But he's also very funny, very dry. Thank God. Could have gone either way, I suppose."