Daniel Craig claims he is more excited about the script for the upcoming James Bond movie than he was for the universally acclaimed 'Casino Royale'. During a one-on-one discussion with 'Cowboys & Aliens' director Jon Favreau, featured on the movie's official website, the British actor predicted Sam Mendes will create the "classic" 007 movie.
The Road to Perdition director begins work on Bond 23 after winning huge praise for his work on the Old Vic's stage production of Richard Iii, starring Kevin Spacey. Craig claimed Mendes has all the "fervour and energy" required to direct a Bond movie, adding, "He'll feet-first run himself into it, he's read every book and just soaked up everything about it. I read the script the other day and I'm more excited about this than I was about Casino because we've kind of got a classic Bond movie plus lots of other things". Asked by Favreau whether "classic Bond" meant a return to gadgets, the actor suggested the new movie would continue to be more plot driven, saying, "Actually trying to find something that's new and interesting is difficult.mostly the technology is in the public arena now".
Despite initial uncertainties regarding the crippling debut of Mgm, Daniel Craig's third movie as James Bond is expected to begin shooting later this year, with a release date scheduled for 26th October 2012.