Daniel Craig has begun filming 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', a remake of the movie based on the STIEG LARSSON novel, reports the UK's Daily Mail. The film has been highly-anticipated since it was revealed that 42-year-Craig had been cast to play the lead character 'Mikael Blomkvist'. A number of high-profile actors had been in the running to play the Swedish journalist but it was Craig who eventually landed the role in David Fincher's forthcoming movie.
The James Bond star has started shooting scenes from the movie on the streets of Stockholm , Sweden, and was spotted chatting to director Fincher before filming one of the opening sequences from the novel on the steps of a courthouse. However, there was no sign of Craig's co-star Rooney Mara, who is playing 'Lisbeth Salander'. The movie is based on Larsson's debut novel, which was published shortly after his death in 2004. It follows the story of Blomkvist and Salander, who team up to solve the puzzling disappearance of a young girl name Harriet Vanger.
The movie is expected to hit cinemas in late 2011.