Daniel Craig has revealed his feelings that the spoof spy series Austin Powers "blew James Bond apart" and it has taken up to this point to help repair the damage that Mike Myers' character left.
Speaking to Esquire Magazine, the Bond actor stated that whilst making the latest of the Bond franchise, Skyfall, he and director Sam Mendes were keen to keep an eye out for any cliches that the spoof series had lampooned. He told the magazine, "Austin Powers f**ked it. By the time we did Casino Royale, the Mike Myers spoof had blown every joke apart." He jokingly added, "We had the Austin Powers warning klaxon. Guys running around in boiler suits, me just killing them willy-nilly? Klaxon goes off. Can't have that."
However loud the klaxons were sounding off during recording, Craig has insisted that the new Bond film will retain the classic Bond darkness, but with a hefty sense of humour to it. Craig also stated that the quintessentially British spy romp would be continuing it's much more modern approach to the franchise, as established in 2006's Casino Royale. Skyfall will hit cinemas on October 26th in the UK and November 9th in the Usa and Canada. It will see Craig and Judi Dench reclaim their roles as Bond and M respectively, whilst Ralph Fiennes will play fellow Mi6 agent Gareth Mallory and Javier Bardem will take on the role of 'baddie' Raoul Silva.